Add and Subtract

He will love you and Bless you and increase your numbers. Deuteronomy 7:13

Wanting less seems crazy. Although we love to say that we’re happy with what we’ve been blessed with, we still buy lottery tickets when the winnings hit over $100 Million. We would tithe, of course, but ultimately we have an appetite for more.

Here there’s a caution beef the blessing. Moses tells the Israelites that they’ll be blessed provided that they pay attention to God’s laws and obey them. But one of the principles of human existence is that we like control, and we don’t like to obey.That’s why there are punishments for crimes. You obey or you pay. God’s best blessings are given to those who know, love and obey Him. Don’t Screw this up. Obey. ┬áBe blessed.

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